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We are biased but our China designs are quite special and we love how they look on a table. We have various designs in the pink china which we have also in blue such as Colclough Chintz, Royal Vale Gold Swirl and Colclough Ballet. We are continuing to add to our collection (you can never have too much china right?), if there is something specific you are looking for please ask. 

We have listed the quantity of trios available of each design and their matching accompanying items such as milk jugs, sugar bowls and cake plates. We have given pairing suggestions to help you with your selection - they are all so lovely, we wouldn't want to be in your shoes!

If you are looking for our blue and gold china please head over to our Oscar Collection.

For more information or to request a more detailed list of our collection & price list please get in touch - we also have a range of accompanying items which may be of interest such as vintage style glassware and cutlery. 

Royal Standard


Number of Trios - 4

Matching Tiered Cake Stand, Milk Jug and Sugar Bowl

Pairs well with: Royal Vale - Gold Swirl

Colclough Pink Chintz


Number of Trios - 8

Matching Cake Platter

Pairs well with: Colclough Pink Flowers, Royal Albert, Clare Staffordshire and Tuscan Pink Flowers

Tuscan Light Pink


Number of Trios - 6

Matching Cake Platter x 2, Milk Jug and Sugar Bowl

Pairs well with: any of our china! The small detail and the pattern on this set means it compliments our other sets well.