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Just when we thought we found the best vintage china out there in our Olivia Collection we stumble across our blue designs. It was love at first sight. Now we are three collections in and counting (sssshhhh). They are adorable. 

We are lucky enough to have matching designs in the blue and the pink - sounds like a must for a gender reveal or baby shower to us! Check out the set ups of the two collections mixed together - they look amazing! Look out for Colclough Ballet, Colclough Chintz and Royal Vale Gold Swirl


In case you missed it and are looking for pink and gold china please head over to our Olivia Collection.

For more information or to request a more detailed list of our collection & price list please get in touch - we also have a range of accompanying items which may be of interest such as vintage style glassware and cutlery. 


Colclough Blue Chintz


Number of Trios - 8

Matching Cake Platters, Sugar Bowls and Milk Jugs

Colclough Pale Blue Ballet


Number of Trios - 8

Matching Cake Platter x 2, Milk Jug x 1 and Sugar Bowl x 2

Pairs well with: any of our china! The simplicity of the gold band means its versatile fits well with our other blue designs well.