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Say hello to our Neon Sign Collection; and what a collection this is! We have some fabulous signs in our range and we are sure you will find the perfect one for your Event. If you are looking to pair with one of our Flower Walls or Sequin Walls then this is the right place. If you have somehow missed our floral and sparkly loveliness then you can find them here Flower Walls and Sequin Walls.

Now, lets get down to business. All our Neon Signs are available in Warm White LED. Personally, we feel these photograph better and they usually match the lighting in the venue and any candle lighting in your decor. Please do bear this in mind when making your decision. If you are pairing with Light Up Letters / Numbers then please do think of the proximity and where possible request warm white bulbs in these from your supplier. If these and our neons are to be in the same shot it may not look right. 

Our neon signs conveniently hook on and are clipped / tied behind the scenes to ensure they stay put. They need a power source in order to operate and all come with a dimmer switch should you wish to adjust the brightness throughout. If your neon is being used at a Wedding please make your photographer aware that there is one available. 

If you have any questions or would like to see some further images please get in touch. 

Happy browsing!

Katie x

Happily Ever After.png

The perfect sign for a perfect day!


Our Happily Ever After Neon Sign is on three lines and features a classic script font and a love heart. 

Looking pretty here on our Lucy Wall at Pryors Hayes in Summer 2023.

We have a number of backdrops available which would be the perfect addition to your special day. To discuss your plans in detail whatever stage of the planning process - with six flower walls and three sequin walls we probably have one which matches your colour scheme.  

All of Me Loves All of You Text.png

There are many songs which are fitting for a Wedding and this certainly ticks the box! John Legend wrote this song as a dedication to his wife and Bliss HQ knew that this Neon Sign had to be a part of the collection. 

If you would like to pair this Neon Sign with one of our backdrops for your Wedding, Engagement or Anniversary Celebration please get in touch

Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars.png

Love Ed? You will love this Neon!

This Neon Sign is a custom made beauty for Bliss Events. We love this song like many others and this was the first dance song at one of the Bliss Bridesmaids back in the day! It really is a special song and we are so excited to be able to share this with you. 

This neon is perfectly suited to a Wedding, Engagement or Anniversary celebration.