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Bliss Essentials

Bliss Events offer items which are considered as Event Essentials. These are items which add that extra touch to your special day. The items below are typically available in either a 3, 5, 7 or 9 bundle depending on what you would like but a custom bundle can be made should that be better for you. I include the colours available and quantities and one item classes as one choice – for example we have two donut walls, should you require two this will be two parts of your bundle, Think of it like a pick and mix!


Our collection is growing all the time so this is what we have now – if there is something specific you would like to have for your Wedding or Event please ask and we can see if it is on our wishlist or we maybe able to source for you.

Event Essentials:

  • Bonnie the Bubbles Wall – white table top wall holding up to 18 flutes of your choice of fizz. This makes an ideal feature for welcome drinks or in the evening for any additional guests. This has been custom made to say Bubbles for Bliss Events and we have two available

  • Dolly the Donut Wall – white table top wall holding from 35-70 donuts when you double peg. This is perfect for a dessert table or a sweet table, we have two available

  • Cilla the Cupcake Tower – white pyramid table top towers holding up to 50 cupcakes on each, again makes a perfect addition to a dessert or cake table. We have three of these available

  • Patti the Post Box – white/ivory table top, lockable Royal Mail Post Box which keeps all your cards and any monetary gifts safe until you are ready to leave

  • Cher our Hoop Cake Stands – available in multiple colours – Gold, Silver, White – which may be suitable for your wedding cake depending on your style. These can have either round or square base plate depending on diameter

  • Etta our Easel Collection – available in multiple colours – Gold, Silver, White – these are ideal for displaying your seating plan and any welcome sign you may wish to have

  • Carly our Candelabra (tall) – We have two tall floor standing candelabra in both Gold and Silver – these are ideal as décor for the top of the aisle or either side of your registrars table. Later on in the day they could be relocated to either side of the top table if appropriate, alternatively the can be removed following the ceremony. All candles will be taper LED.

  • Shania the Shot Walls - white table top wall holding up to 24 shots of your favourite tipple. These perfectly match Bonnie and Dolly in design. For a party at home or at a venue Shania will make a fun feature but we do encourage responsible partying please

  • Chaka the Crisp Walls - white grid panels with pegs to hold some potato and corn delights! We leave the crunchy choice to you and we have two of these walls so you can get your snack on.

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